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RE: Is Donald Trump a man with big heart?
You asked a good question about Mr Trump. So, to be brief, Trump has no big heart and kindness. He's as rude as rude can be! That's why he was not elected for a second term.
RE: Morning bad habits
[quote="kapi88" pid="273" dateline="1603361365"] What are the things you should never do in the morning? Please post the bad morning habits that you want to quit and never want to do again in the mor...
RE: What song(s) are you currently listening?
I'm listening to Mariah Carey's "Why me" song, which is soul. Most of my time I listen to soul music, followed by local Ugandan songs. Such songs help in relaxing me when I'm stressed.
RE: Hiring paid forum posters for a forum! $0.08 per post paid.
[quote="Randy" pid="231" dateline="1603067450"] I'm looking to hire paid forum posters. Will pay $0.08 per post. PM me if you're interested in discussing more. [/quote] Thanks Sir for the post. I'm...
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