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Hello friends
kapi88, 10-22-2020, 06:01 AM  3
Morning bad habits
kapi88, 10-22-2020, 06:09 AM  4
World's most healthy vegetables
kapi88, 10-22-2020, 06:27 AM  0
What is your best diet?
kapi88, 10-22-2020, 06:33 AM  0
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Hello friends
Hello friends,  My name is Kapi and I am from India. I am a freelancer. I just join this community and hoping for the best.
Morning bad habits
What are the things you should never do in the morning? Please post the bad morning habits that you want to quit and never want to do again in the morning.
Which fruit seeds contain "cyanide" poison?
Cyanide poison is found in apples. Apple is considered to be the most nutritious fruit in the world. The world's most dangerous poison is found in the most healthy fruit. Apple seeds can cause death. ...
World's most healthy vegetables
We eat vegetables every day, but today I am going to tell you about four such vegetables which are considered very healthy and keep us away from diseases. [list] [*]Bitter Guard [*]Radish [*]Kan...
What is your best diet?
Hey guys,  Share your best diet here. Mine is:  Breakfast: 30 gm oats 2 banana 500 ml milk 5-6 almonds Lunch: 150 gm  rice 150g chicken breast curry/150g paneer salads Dinner: ...
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