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ForumPosters is a marketplace for forum posting services and hiring paid forum posters.

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Introducing the ForumPosters "Paid to Post" Program!


Program is effective as of October 2020.

The ForumPosters "Paid to Post" program was created to provide incentive to members looking to earn a little beer money for their efforts by being an active and contributive member.

How it Works

  • Certain sections in ForumPosters will allow you to earn real cash whenever you submit posts or threads.
  • You can cash out after you have an eligible amount. The current amount minimum withdrawal amount is $5.00.
  • All cash payments must be redeemed through a valid PayPal account only.

October 2020 - Current Rates:

  • Earn $0.02 per post in selected forums.
  • Earn $0.03 per thread in selected forums.
  • Earn $0.05 per referral. Read here for how to get your unique referral link.
Rates may change monthly and will be posted in the News & Announcements section at the start of every month.

Rules & Guidelines

Do NOT (doing so will get you removed from the program):
  • Copy & paste other content or posts from other sites.
  • Spam with useless / meaningless content.
  • Create short or very low-quality, unnecessary posts or threads.
  • Post irrelevant or inappropriate content of any sort.
You understand and agree that:
  • Our "Paid to Post" can be cancelled and/or removed at any time, and at our own discretion.
  • Payout rates can be changed/modified at any time, and at our own discretion.
  • Your usage of the site constitutes an acceptance of all these terms.
  • After requesting for a payout, your post history will be reviewed before being approved.
ForumPosters Staff